Trump's discredited pig's blood tale may have roots in Tribune story from 1927

Trump’s discredited pig’s blood tale may have roots in Tribune story from 1927

Trump’s discredited pig’s blood tale may have roots in Tribune story from 1927

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he wanted to wait for all the facts before making public statements on important issues.

But a few hours after a terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain, on Thursday, Trump’s Twitter source published non-factual information.

After the attackers ran large crowds of tourists on the historic promenade of Las Ramblas in Barcelona, killing at least 13, the president tweeted: “Study the general Pershing made the United States terrorists when they were taken. There was more radical Islamic terrorism for 35 years! ”

The Trump tweet is a reference to a discredited story about the famous army genius, John J. Pershing, fighting the Moorish rebels during the occupation of the Philippines to the United States after winning the colony of Spain in the Spanish-American War.

The story goes that Pershing, known as “Black Jack”, gathered a large group of Muslim rebels and executed them with bullets immersed in the blood of pigs, who are “haram” or “banned” by Islamic Law

Trump told a similar story during a campaigning event in 2016, saying that Pershing “caught 50 terrorists who mass-inflicted and killed many people and took the 50 terrorists and took 50 men and sank 50 bullets into the blood of the pig.

“And he lined up 50 people and shot 49 of these 50 people, and said in the 50, he would return to his people and tell him what happened – and in a 25, he n No problem.

The story was considered false by online data verifiers Snopes and PolitiFact, and it seems that the spread of apocryphal history may be partly the result of a long correspondent Tribune.

Grandstand since 1921.
An article published in the Sunday edition of the Tribune month of August 21, 1927, reported by General John “Black Jack” Pershing was known to have sprinkled Muslim insurgents in the Philippines with pig blood and released them. Read the full story here, with the section on the alleged use of pig blood in “ENTER: BLACK JACK”.

An article published in the August 21, 1927 issue of Sunday’s Chicago Tribune under Herman’s captain Archer of the driving line connects the story “known” general Pershing, captive watering with pig blood and releasing them.

“Then [Pershing] announced that any Sworn Later would be sprinkled with pig blood,” Archer wrote. “And those pig-pork drops were more powerful than bullets.”

The correspondent does not appear to have personally witnessed this incident, but rather seems to convey a history of war shared with others.

No mass attempt was reported by the Tribune, and the copy is full of characterizations of Muslim Filipinos as “savage Sultans” and “bad brown men” made by people with modern racial sensibilities.

Snopes points to an account, a 1938 book, which reported that the bodies of “Muslim” soldiers were buried with pork canals by an army colonel. A 2013 book cites a letter from a United States commander who says that Pershing’s funeral with pigs was “a good plan” to discourage “crazy fanatics.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger tells Trump what he should have said after Charlottesville

Arnold Schwarzenegger tells Trump what he should have said after Charlottesville

Arnold Schwarzenegger tells Trump what he should have said after Charlottesville

Arnold Schwarzenegger are among those who have been deeply disappointed by the statement by President of Trump that “both sides” were responsible for the violence at a rally of white supremacy in Charlottesville.

And in a new video, the former Republican governor of California offers a tip tip for what Trump should have said.

“The only way to beat the sharp voice and anger of hatred is to meet with a stronger and more reasonable voice.And that includes, President of Trump”

Schwarzenegger said in the video, posted on the ATN Facebook page Thursday. “In fact, as president of this great country, it has the moral responsibility to send a clear message that we do not defend hate and racism.”
Schwarzenegger then provides an example of what the message might be: “As President of the United States and as a Republican, rejected the support of white supremacy,” he said.

“The country that defeated Hitler’s armies had no place for Nazi flags. The party of Lincoln will not support those who carry the battle flags of the Confederacy failed”.
Trump issued numerous critics for his response to the deadly chaos in Charlottesville, where a car driven by a white nationalist declared himself plunged into a crowd, killing the 32-year-old Heather contrepreuveur Heyer and wounding 19 others.

Using dozens of clips from the Trump President’s intervention, the Editorial Board of the ad reorganizes the disastrous direction of August 12. (Gillian Brockell / The Washington Post)
“What about the alt-left has been responsible for – as you say, alt-right”

Trump said during a press conference at Trump Tower in New York on Tuesday. “Do they have a guilty appearance? And the fact that they had to carry the clubs in their hands, swinging clubs? Are they a problem?

[ ‘They tried to kill my son to close, “Heather’s mother Heyer cry at funerals of women murdered in a Nazi rally in Charlottesville]
Of course, Trump is certainly not likely to take the advice of the “Terminator” star – the two were involved in a public dispute for months, since Schwarzenegger assumed the role of Trump as host of NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Trump blamed Schwarzenegger for the issuance of descent ratings, until asking for prayers on behalf of Schwarzenegger at the National Prayer Breakfast. “I only pray for Arnold, if we can, for these assessments,” Trump said at the time.

Schwarzenegger returned fire when he abruptly left “Celebrity Apprentice” in March, saying that the odds program actually declined because of his association with Trump.

And even in his latest video – the clear intention to offer a serious message to Trump, and a biting sentence from the Nazis – Schwarzenegger could not resist taking another shot at the commander in chief.

After delivering his speech suggests on the camera, he looks Schwarzenegger and a bit of Bobblehead Donald Trump suddenly appears in sight.

Venezuela’s pro-government assembly moves to take power from elected congress

Venezuela’s pro-government assembly moves to take power from elected congress

Venezuela’s pro-government assembly moves to take power from elected congress

CARACAS, Venezuela – The new pro-government Constituent Assembly of Venezuela has formally moved on Friday to assume the powers of the opposition-dominated Congress, completing what critics call a takeover that puts all branches of government under control Of President Nicolás Maduro.

The Constituent Assembly, created in a July 30 vote called fraud by opposition nations and many, began to assume the role of the National Assembly, whose members were democratically elected in 2015.

But in a move that could trigger a new international condemnation, the motion formalized Friday’s agreement. The body is also ready to pass a new law that critics say could be used to punish opposition leaders and anti-government protesters with up to 25 years in prison.

The body invited the National Assembly to attend the Friday session – an invitation that was denied. Before the vote to take their powers, the President of the Constituent Assembly, Delcy Rodriguez – a senior Maduro ally – emphasized in the cinemas the empty seats reserved for them.

“When they called a national dialogue, cameras, please, right? Empty seat, is not the definition of the Venezuelan right,” he said.

The congressional opposition denounced the vote as an attempt to finally “close” Congress and said through its official Twitter account that it does not recognize the “fraudulent” move. He called on Venezuelans to join legislators in a session at the legislative palace on Saturday morning Constituent Assembly.
“The Constituent Assembly is zero, and its acts are illegal and unconstitutional. The National Assembly, the international community and the people will not respect the decision to cancel,” the opposition said.

Luis Almagro, secretary general of the Organization of American States, tweeted: “fraudulent dissolution of the National Assembly by the Constituent Assembly deepened the coup in Venezuela.”

But Diosdado Cabello, a member of the vanguard of Maduro’s inner circle, said that the decision had ceased to dissipate the Congress and the meeting simply assumed the powers of Congress.

“For those who are delirious, the Constituent Assembly has not eliminated the National Assembly,” Cabello said. “They are only the functions of those who have been placed outside the constitution.”

However, the Venezuelan Congress seemed to be left in an even more precarious legal limbo. The government’s supreme court stole the congress from its authority in March.

However, even after the new Constituent Assembly began to meet in this month’s legislative palace, opposition lawmakers have continued to meet in a separate room. It was unclear whether opposition leaders could continue with this arrangement.

Maduro – the anointed successor to Hugo Chávez, who died in 2013 – said in the Constituent Assembly that the cornerstone of his socialist dream of Chavez.

The Latest: Young Australian boy missing after van attack

The Latest: Young Australian boy missing after van attack

The Latest: Young Australian boy missing after van attack

BARCELONA, Spain – The latest attacks in Spain (all local):

5:15 a.m.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull urged people to pray for a missing Australian youth after a vehicular attack on a popular walk in Barcelona that killed 13 people.

Turnbull said on Saturday that the boy’s mother was seriously injured and is in a hospital after Friday’s attack on the Ramblas. Turnbull says the boy’s family is looking for him. He did not release the boy’s name.

Turnbull said: “We all know the anguish of his father in his wake, and his whole family does so as they hurry to find him in Barcelona.”

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said four Australians were injured in the attack.

Catalunya police said they had searched for two buses in search of violent extremists considered responsible for a couple of fatal attacks in the northwestern region of Spain.

Police say in their Twitter feed that they searched for the buses in Girona and Garrigas, northwest of Catalonia, but the operation gave no importance. They did not provide any other information.
Authorities launched a hunt for members of what they see as an extremist group based in Catalonia after the deaths of 14 people and more than 100 people injured during the attacks in Barcelona on Thursday and in Cambrils, south of Barcelona, on Friday.

Officials say at least one suspect remains at large.

Police said they identified the five people, allegedly attackers, who died by police in the Cambrils incident, but gave no details.

Four people were arrested in connection with the investigation.

The surveillance video of a museum in Barcelona captured images of the van used in the fatal attack on pedestrians that accelerated the Rambla stroll where 13 people died and many others were injured.

The video shows a person with a stroller just out of the way of the white pickup and other people in the fireplace stretching while standing on the bridge.

The film was filmed Thursday from a security camera inside the erotic museum of Barcelona on an upper floor that points to a window overlooking the promenade.
Museum enthusiasts who apparently have heard the van or people just after their passing are seen in the photos they gather near the window and look out.

Authorities said that the attackers after hitting in Barcelona drove a second vehicle to the resort of Cambrils and mortally wounded a person on Friday morning.

Police killed five of these dead attackers.

President Donald Trump personally offered his condolences to Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy following Thursday’s military attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils.

The White House says that Trump is committed to supporting the Spanish authorities in their investigation and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Trump originally proposed words of support for Spain in a tweet Thursday after a van crosses pedestrians in Barcelona. Thirteen people died. The State Department said at least one American was killed and another wounded in the attack.

Carl Icahn’s Failed Raid on Washington

Carl Icahn’s Failed Raid on Washington

Carl Icahn’s Failed Raid on Washington

In August 2016, financier Carl Icahn telephoned the Environmental Protection Agency. Icahn is one of the wealthiest men on Wall Street, and thrived, largely because of his capacity for intimidation.

A Texas-based oil refinery in which he had a keen interest was to lose money because of a dark rule that Icahn’s environment considered too cumbersome.

Icahn is a fickle critic of a government regulation that forces his business. So I wanted to talk to the person responsible for implementing the policy: a senior official in the US. Named Janet McCabe.

Icahn works from a set of offices above the General Motors building in downtown, decorated in the oak and leather style of a gallant tycoon in a nineteen movie.

During this decade, Icahn made his reputation as one of the original corporate invaders, who were pioneers in the art of hostile takeover and settling down as a human machine – a fighting machine, and greed wagging.

By the time he called the US, he was eighty years old, and had long since relinquished any personal or dynastic need to earn money; According to Forbes, it’s worth about seventeen billion dollars.

Many titans who are not as old and not as wealthy as Icahn have chosen to spend their remaining years spending their money, or abandon it. It’s not Icahn. A great man of fashion, he has recently developed a white beard, which softens his round face, giving him the look of an old Mouffett. But he did not lose the taste for killing him.

A few years ago, he sold his mega-yacht because he was thinking he was bored. He participated in philanthropy, construction of charter schools, and a stadium on Randall Island that bears his name. But the charity circuit is a siesta.

What Icahn loves beyond everything is getting up late every morning, then spending the rest of the day and a good part of the night working the phone, doing business. Years ago, a reporter asked Icahn why he kept making money when he already had more than he could afford.

“It’s a way to keep score,” he said. He is one of the richest people not only in the world, but in the history of the world – a man who depends on many things, one of which is his ability to approach anyone on the phone.

“He’s on vacation,” McCabe’s assistant said.
For how long?

Two weeks.
For Icahn, there was something that simply did not count on the parties and left behind its work. Undoubtedly, he insisted, could McCabe interrupt any recreational activity that was committed to taking an urgent phone call from Carl Icahn?

No, McCabe’s assistant informed him. Could not.
The old riddle about whether it is better to love or fear has never posed much dilemma to Icahn.

In “Rey Icahn” a 1993 biography, author Mark Stevens described his theme as “man germophobe, individual, relatively loveless,” and quoted a contemporary account: “Carl’s dream in life is to have the only truck of Firefighters in the city.

NASA to launch world's first mission to Sun in 2018

NASA to launch world’s first mission to Sun in 2018

WASHINGTON: NASA will launch the first global mission in the sun next year, which will explore the atmosphere of our star and answer questions about solar physics that have intrigued scientists for more than six decades.
The Solar Probe Parker was named in honour of pioneering astrophysicist Eugene Parker, who predicted the existence of the solar wind that is near 60 years, announced yesterday the American space agency.
“This is the first time NASA has named a spacecraft a living individual,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate director of the NASA Science Mission Directorate.
The spacecraft, the size of a small car, is responsible for great technological advances that will solve many of the great mysteries about our star, including why the sun’s crown is much hotter than its surface.
Parker Solar Probe cross the Sun’s atmosphere, near the surface than any spacecraft before, in view of the brutal conditions of heat and radiation, and finally, provide the closest observations of humanity a star, said the POT.
To carry out this unprecedented research, spacecraft and instruments will be protected from the heat of the sun by a carbon shielding compound 4.5 inches thick.
The spacecraft is to be presented in a 20-day window that will begin on July 31, 2018, from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
“Solar Probe is a region of space that has never been explored before,” said Parker, a professor at the University of Chicago in the United States.
“It’s very exciting that we’re finally going to look at it.” “We would like to have more detailed measures of what is happening in the solar wind, I’m sure there will be surprises,” Parker said.
In the 1950s, Parker proposed a number of concepts about how stars – including our Sun – emit energy.
He called this cascade of solar wind energy and described a whole complex system of plasma, magnetic fields and energetic particles that make up this phenomenon.
Parker also theorized an explanation of the superheated solar atmosphere, the crown, which, contrary to what was expected from the laws of physics, was warmer than the surface of the Sun itself.
Many NASA missions have continued to focus on this complex space environment defined by our star – a field of research known as Heliophysics.
“Parker Solar Probe answer the questions of solar physics that intrigued over six decades,” said Nicola Fox, scientific scientist Parker Solar Project Johns Hopkins University.

Priyanka Chopra meets Narendra Modi: What 'sanskaari' trolls tell us of battle over women's bodies

Priyanka Chopra meets Narendra Modi: What ‘sanskaari’ trolls tell us of battle over women’s bodies

Recently, I was at the Queer Film Festival in Mumbai Kashish in 2017. The closing ceremony was organized by actor Asif Ali Beg-and Radio Jockey Rohini Ramnathan. Asif, who was in the drag, asked my friend Rohini if ​​it was a woman – what she directed his gaze towards her cleavage. Rohini’s mother, Kala Ramnathan, sitting on the front row, laughed. The mother-daughter duo did not think twice about what nobody thought. Why do I mention this? Because Priyanka Chopra’s legs speak of the city.

“How dare you expose your legs to Prime Minister Narendra Modi?” Requests us too.

I know that Priyanka is the pride of India. But the Priyanka body is not a national property. Priyanka Chopra’s legs are her legs. Not yours, not mine or the nation’s. There is no additional respect if the covers, not least, if you do not. It can be used to walk, or to kick some. And he does it in style. She responded to these trolls instagramant a photo with her mother – in which her legs play a starring role. And anyway, how is a woman supposed to sit? If you sit with your legs apart, request. If you cross one leg to the other, it is improper.

I think people really have problems is that a woman sits down. Because in many cultures of India, a woman does not sit when a man is there. Priyanka unintentionally challenges everyone.

If you think it’s just the story of famous characters in theater, television and film, you’re wrong.

My friend Sheetal has breasts. She is proud. She has heavy legs and weight around her hips. She is proud. Take what you like. Sit as she wants. It is what it is, the other way around. She is not afraid of her “breast bhakts.” If someone appreciates their “melons” (as some like to call them libertines) with the right spirit, she would smile and say “thank you”. When I ask her to hide the uncomfortable bra strap coming out of her shoulder, she puts me telling me – if she shows it, you leave it. When I told her that they look ugly, she replied, “It’s not for me.” She is rebellious to many. Her breasts – she is not at war with them. They are given more attention than they deserve. She has “thunder thighs”, but she did not bother much. They are yours. It says right to your body and you feel comfortable with it.

There are several Rohinis and Sheetals and Tanias and Noor Jahaans among us who do nothing. But for those who do, and trawling the internet ‘vitriol’ling trawling could be devastating. Besides guarding the modesty of a person like sanskaars, these guardians of morality are also the mentality of a patriarchal society. Also, joining the cacophony of different voices, they also create an online band that could even push someone to the brink of mental trauma – sometimes even the suicide path.

Also, I do not think the interest of their “sanskaars”. How many of them had a man flown by his pointed nipples, or were they ashamed to have adjusted his crotch in public? Our dictates are directed towards women. Women should dress with decency and “respect” is another way of saying “if you do not live, you will be asked.” No one passes the dictates of men.

To be fair, Narendra Modi has not asked Priyanka to wear a fully covered salwar kurta with a dupatta covering the head, which looks like an Egyptian mummy. There he has not asked to wear a nine-yard shiny sari, like an aluminum film, either. I did not expect to rub the forehead with sindoor without taxes. In fact, he celebrated his talent. These trolls give Modi a bad name.

Kabul blast: Who carried out diplomatic zone attack in Afghan Capital killing dozens?

Kabul blast: Who carried out diplomatic zone attack in Afghan Capital killing dozens?

No militant group has so far claimed responsibility for the powerful blast destroyed Wednesday the diplomatic quarter of Kabul, killing at least 90 people and wounding hundreds more.

The attack, condemned by the international community, highlights how the capital of Afghanistan has become one of the deadliest places in the country to civilians.

As silence stretches and public anger grows, the AFP looks at the top suspects: the Taliban have denied they were involved – but analysts say it should not be taken into account.

Currently in the midst of its so-called “spring offensive”, the Taliban – who are trying to expel foreign forces from Afghanistan and to rule the country through its extremist interpretation of Islam – are by far the largest and most Powerful insurgent group.

They were expelled from power in a US-led invasion in 2001, but have seen a resurgence since the withdrawal of combat troops from NATO’s first line in 2014, briefly capturing major cities in more extensive campaign areas.

In recent years, the group – sensitive to its public reputation – has opposed the pretence of attacks against civilian targets, although analysts believe it could be a tactical expediency.

“It is described as more moderate than ISIS, so do not rush to take credit for attacks on the civilian population,” said a regional expert Michael Kugelman-based Washington after The Attack Of Wednesday. The Islamic State (IS) group, however, has little hesitation to take force to account for bloody attacks, including those of “soft targets,” as it aims to spread its supposed “caliph” from its base in the Middle East.

Several attacks were carried out in Kabul, almost as deadly as Wednesday: in July, according to them an attack in which more than 80 people died in the city.

In March, they alleged a deadly raid on Afghanistan’s largest military hospital, which killed 60 people officially, firing patients in their beds – despite survivors and analysts have suggested that the attack also had the characteristics of the Taliban.

The group – which mainly consists of former combatants left the Taliban and Al Qaeda – has gained some traction in Afghanistan for having formally designated the land in the province “Khorasan.”

The United States Army has lost last month’s Bulk Artillery GBU-43 / B – known as “the mother of all bombs” – at IS positions in Nangarhar province, killing dozens of jihadists who have vowed to eliminate.

But while its followers celebrate Wednesday’s attack in Kabul on social networks, the group has not claimed responsibility for the QAMA propaganda agency. The Afghan intelligence agency blamed the Haqqani network allied with the Taliban for the attack, which has long been believed to have links to the dark military establishment in neighbouring Pakistan.

Led by Sirajuddin Haqqani, who is also the second leader of the Taliban, numerous operations have been carried out in the heart of Kabul, including the bombing of the Indian embassy in 2008 in which nearly 60 people died.

Tighter visa rules: US wants social media details, travel info of past 15 years

Tighter visa rules: US wants social media details, travel info of past 15 years

Trump administration launched a new questionnaire for United States visa applicants worldwide requiring social media over the past five years and biographical information dating back to 15 years.

The new questions, as part of an effort to strengthen control of potential visitors to the United States, were approved on May 23 by the Office of Management and Budget, despite criticism from various education officials and university groups during A period of public comment.

Critics argued that the new questions would be too cumbersome, lead to long delays in treatment and deter international students and scientists from coming to the United States.

With the new procedure, consular officials can request previous passport numbers, five social media functions, email addresses and phone numbers and 15 years of biographical information, including addresses, employment and travel history.

Officials are requesting additional information to decide “whether the information is needed to confirm identity or to conduct more stringent national security controls,” a State Department official said Wednesday. The State Department earlier said that tighter control would apply to visa applicants was instrumental in justifying further verification as part of terrorism or other visa restrictions related to national security. ”

US President Donald Trump has pledged to increase national security and border protection by proposing to give more money to the military and to pay Mexico to build a wall along the southern border of the United States.

An attempt was made to establish a temporary travel ban for people from six predominantly Muslim countries in which a US appeals court refused to rejoin the discrimination of calls and the establishment of a confrontation before the Supreme Court.

The Office of Administration and Budget has granted emergency authorization for the new six-month issues instead of the usual three years.

Although the new questions are voluntary, the form states that information may delay or prevent the processing of an individual visa application. Lawyers and immigration lawyers say the demand for 15 years of detailed biographical information as well as the expectation that bidders will remember all their social media functions, likely to contract candidates who make innocent mistakes or do not remember all the information requested.

The new questions give consular officials “arbitrary power” to determine who gets a visa without effective control of their decisions, said Babak Yousefzadeh, a San Francisco-based lawyer and president of the Iran Bar Association.

“The United States has one of the strictest visa application processes in the world,” said Yousefzadeh. “The need to further strengthen the implementation process is  unknown and unclear.”

Stuck between protests and depression, Kashmir’s youth look for escape

Stuck between protests and depression, Kashmir’s youth look for escape

A recent visit to Kashmir took me to Pulwama which is 50 km from Srinagar, in the southern part of the disturbed valley. There I met three young men fleeing stone from the security forces.

“Yes, we paint the stones, We want freedom,” said the most talkative among them, taking the name of Jehangir. Both presented themselves as Adil and Omar.

The freedom of that; India, he asked. The response came after a pause: “In India, oppression, we are students, the police stop us, beat us, disturbing us and harassing our families …”

All were in their twenties; Low-income families. During a 30-minute conversation in a corner of a crowded market, they shared stories of police excesses. A local cop was the worst pursuer; Including blocking innocent young men and freeing them for their consideration.

As we have said, the three of them were sitting in the backseat of Maruti Alto, my local contact. They were not comfortable, the air was bare and crazy. In distracted attention they were seen on their phones, by showing me snapshots intermittently blinded by pellets and inflammatory messages militant leader Zakir Musa. The former Hizbul Mujahideen commander had been the news for threatening to kill the leaders of Hurriyat Kashmir who were called in a political conflict. Is Musa your leader? I asked. They said someone with a gun was their leader – Burhan Wani, Musa Abu Dujana or Let.

They have all accepted their leaders, relatives of activists and protesters killed by the security forces: “The father who lost his son is our leader, not Syed Ali Shah Geelani has security Z (Mrs. Hurghyat).” For them, Musa Destruction Engineering, was a “engineers bound to take the gun.”

Omar had aspired to be a doctor. With Jehangir, who is wanted to the provisions of the Public Security Law. “I have no choice. I get stones because I have no weapon to deal with security forces.”

The home village of Wani, Tral, located at a distance of 25 km from Pulwama, Kashmir is called Kandahar. A series of obstacles forcing banks to keep ATMs out of money in the region.

I tried to show triumph agitated the inconvenience of a life in crime, to be in conflict with the law, regardless of its cause, the feeling of being harmed. And if the case against the young are eliminated; Were the prisoners released and offered jobs or loans for small businesses?

His eyes light up, but only momentarily. “We can not live or eat freely, to talk about work,” Jehangir said. But it could work if it had happened, Adil admitted: “We have lost interest in the system to aspirations unjustly denied or defeated.” The students I met in Srinagar and Pulwama College domain came from a better socio-economic context. But he also felt betrayed by the effervescent and corrupt system. “The young people here lead a depressing life,” said Shamim Meraj, editor of Kashmir Monitor. Sports stadiums are in a state of detention and poorly maintained parks since the floods of 2014 even movie theaters are closed, leaving Gen-X hanging from the Internet that also locks up when events occur.