Rahul Gandhi in Telangana: South India keeps Congress scion busy but inconsistencies leave voters unsure

Rahul Gandhi in Telangana: South India keeps Congress scion busy but inconsistencies leave voters unsure

South India occupies and maintains Rahul Gandhi for much of this week. This is an important and complicated patch for Congress, which is in power in two of the six southern states of India. With the BJP actively seeking to expand its footprints on the peninsula, it is a herb that the party needs to protect its allies if it wants to remain relevant.

The problem with Congress, however, was that it showed inconsistency and a tendency to pull its feet with the way it did its policy in South India. Take the terrible episode of Kannur, for example, where militants of the Youth Congress, in their enthusiasm, challenge what they ignorantly interpret as a beef ban, killed a cow from the public eye. It was shown that the great old party of India had in its ranks militants without empathy or sensitivity.

For a change, Rahul quickly reaches the time. Upon realising the political damage, the viral video has been made, the vice president of Congress suspend activists. But the image of the blood Congress in his hands and blocked the Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has stolen a march, emerging as the champion of the anti-notification lobby. Congress in Kerala, a state with a population of 25 percent of beef, was reduced to a companion in the debate, organising the Reds from over 300 pieces of meat and keeping the pot boiling literally.

Through Mullaperiyar, Congress, at least, the vine leaf to be smaller DMK couple. But here too there is a little part of the history of the controversy won. Is it because one of its main leaders, P Chidambaram, had a role to play in highlighting the need to amend the Law on Preventing Cruelty to Animals?

In April, during the budget session, the Standing Parliamentary Committee on Home Affairs, chaired by P Chidambaram, said a link between the markets for the trafficking of goods and their derivatives. The report says: “There is no widespread and deeply rooted relationship because this threat has proliferated and the government must attack the roots of this relationship if it is to completely stop the problem,” the report says. The BJP will now turn around and say that it acted specifically on the Standing Committee’s recommendations led by Congressman.

In both states, Congress is nil to not share occupying the anti-BJP space now completely dominated by Vijayan and MK Stalin. Part of the dilemma is also governed by its national status as a national party, despite its current electoral strength betrays this impression. A strong pro-potable position that fears it may damage the cow belt, where the BJP motto for treating farm animals as a sacred cow finds more traction. This dilemma is falling between two glasses of water.

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