3 Pak Nationals, Staying In Bengaluru Under False Identities, Arrested

3 Pak Nationals, Staying In Bengaluru Under False Identities, Arrested

BENGALURU: Three Pakistani citizens, including two women living in India under false identities, were arrested in Bangalore, police said Thursday. An Indian citizen was also arrested for helping.

Police said identity documents, including Aadhaar’s number, had also been seized.

The three Pakistani citizens were identified by police as Samira, Kashif Shamshudin and Kiran Gulam Ali, Indian citizen Mohammed Shihaba from Kerala.

Police tried to get their apartment in the Pakistani people illegally in the apartment block. But the couple insists they ended up breaking the law because they were in love.

The four met in Qatar. This is where Shihaba fell in love with the daughter of Pakistan Kiran. But since their families opposed the party, the couple arrived in Bangalore. In addition, support was another couple, both Pakistanis whose families opposed to their love marriage as well.
The four decided to come to India; The three Pakistanis were first reached Nepal and India until last year, according to the initial police interrogation.

In the coming months, they were also able to obtain official identity documents, including the Aadhaar number and the passport.

The Bangalore police pay three foreigners to violate various laws, including the Aliens Act. Police said the stations of intelligence agencies interrogate the three Pakistanis to check their versions.

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