The Latest: Young Australian boy missing after van attack

The Latest: Young Australian boy missing after van attack

The Latest: Young Australian boy missing after van attack

BARCELONA, Spain – The latest attacks in Spain (all local):

5:15 a.m.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull urged people to pray for a missing Australian youth after a vehicular attack on a popular walk in Barcelona that killed 13 people.

Turnbull said on Saturday that the boy’s mother was seriously injured and is in a hospital after Friday’s attack on the Ramblas. Turnbull says the boy’s family is looking for him. He did not release the boy’s name.

Turnbull said: “We all know the anguish of his father in his wake, and his whole family does so as they hurry to find him in Barcelona.”

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said four Australians were injured in the attack.

Catalunya police said they had searched for two buses in search of violent extremists considered responsible for a couple of fatal attacks in the northwestern region of Spain.

Police say in their Twitter feed that they searched for the buses in Girona and Garrigas, northwest of Catalonia, but the operation gave no importance. They did not provide any other information.
Authorities launched a hunt for members of what they see as an extremist group based in Catalonia after the deaths of 14 people and more than 100 people injured during the attacks in Barcelona on Thursday and in Cambrils, south of Barcelona, on Friday.

Officials say at least one suspect remains at large.

Police said they identified the five people, allegedly attackers, who died by police in the Cambrils incident, but gave no details.

Four people were arrested in connection with the investigation.

The surveillance video of a museum in Barcelona captured images of the van used in the fatal attack on pedestrians that accelerated the Rambla stroll where 13 people died and many others were injured.

The video shows a person with a stroller just out of the way of the white pickup and other people in the fireplace stretching while standing on the bridge.

The film was filmed Thursday from a security camera inside the erotic museum of Barcelona on an upper floor that points to a window overlooking the promenade.
Museum enthusiasts who apparently have heard the van or people just after their passing are seen in the photos they gather near the window and look out.

Authorities said that the attackers after hitting in Barcelona drove a second vehicle to the resort of Cambrils and mortally wounded a person on Friday morning.

Police killed five of these dead attackers.

President Donald Trump personally offered his condolences to Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy following Thursday’s military attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils.

The White House says that Trump is committed to supporting the Spanish authorities in their investigation and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Trump originally proposed words of support for Spain in a tweet Thursday after a van crosses pedestrians in Barcelona. Thirteen people died. The State Department said at least one American was killed and another wounded in the attack.

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