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IT Layoffs: Narayana Murthy Asks Senior Executives to Take Pay Cuts

IT Layoffs: Narayana Murthy Asks Senior Executives to Take Pay Cuts

Bangalore: IT organizations can protect youth jobs if executives take pay cuts, said NY Narayana Murthy, founder of Infosys.
He added that the industry has addressed the problem several times in the past. Murthy said it is clear that all industry leaders have good intentions to solve the problem of layoffs.
“There are many smart leaders in the industry, but I have no doubt that they are all well-intentioned and find solutions,” he told a news channel.
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Murthy also said that this is not the first time the industry faces the problem of dismissal and, therefore, there should be extreme anxiety because the industry has addressed the problem and solutions found.
“We remembered that we have crossed several times in the past, we have known in 2008, 2001. So this is nothing new, so we do not need to be extremely anxious, we had solutions to these problems in the past,” he said.
Giving an example of Infosys in the way they addressed the layoff problem, Murthy said the company could protect youth employment after top management executives have taken salary cuts.
“I feel it is possible for us to protect the employment of young executives if I had to make minor adjustments – we adjusted wage cuts,” Murthy said.
The biggest internal director had the biggest pay cut, and then the vice president took a slightly lower cut, Murthy said.
Murthy said Infosys in 2001 when the market fell. “Let me give you an example of Infosys When the market has become very difficult and has been reduced in 2001. We are all sitting together with top management, then we said.Look, let’s sacrifice and make sure to protect young people work, “He said.
“We have said that we do not do it, we will demonstrate the commitment to the young people by the elderly to take salary cuts of the available income when we go down in The hierarchy and the welcome to these 1500 engineers, “he added.
Murthy also said that in parallel industry leaders will identify new opportunities and create training programs to empower young people and give them enough opportunities to use technology and ask them to work hard and ensure that they are able to add value to The next year, and if they failed, they could look for another job.
“It is not just right to send someone home, and then leave them very anxious, because they can have families that depend on them. They can have children, parents, spouses, and all of this is with industry leaders to find Reasonable solutions … “he said.

Arun Jaitley just scored a self-goal by admitting economy wasn’t healthy when note ban was launched

Arun Jaitley just scored a self-goal by admitting economy wasn’t healthy when note ban was launched

“What do you think is clear is not very clear,” said Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, a reporter for a journalist in Delhi, asked Thursday to take stock of the performance of the three-year government modi. The reporter asked about the impact of the demonetization of GDP, citing the sharp drop (6.1 percent) in the January-March quarter. Jaitley played down the impact of demonetization by saying that it was not the main reason for the economic slowdown.

“There are several factors that contribute to GDP.There has been an impact on growth due to other factors, even before demonetization.” A particular factor that you mention (sic), “said Jaitley Government disturbing movement defence announced on November 8. Although Jaitley is already only a part of his argument is weak due to figures January-March quarter, it is clear that demonetization left much damage to the economy. A slowdown in areas dependent on money, such as construction, commerce, hotels, financial services and real estate, shows.

With the exception of public spending and agricultural growth, all other key components of GDP were reduced. Therefore, Jaitley, at best, skillfully sidestepped the question about the impact of banning growth notes rather than responding to the facts.

But what is more interesting part of Jaitley’s statement that there was a decline in the economy before the demonetization due to several factors? This directly contradicts the purpose of Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he told Parliament in February of this year that demonetization had been made since the economy was strong at the time. Modi uses the analogy that an operation can be performed only on a healthy body.

“Given that the economy was in good condition, the demonetization time was the best,” Modi said at Lok Sabha during his response to the Thanksgiving motion under President Pranab Mukherjee (see report here). “When you can undergo an operation? When the body is healthy.” The economy has it right and so our decision was made at the right time, “said Mr Modi. Now Jaitley admitted that the economy is already facing a slowdown due to multiple factors, even before the demonetization clash contradicts Modi’s logic.

But Jaitley is right to say that 7-8 percent growth is quite good for India in an environment where the world is facing an economic downturn. “I think in the current situation of the world, the growth of 7-8 percent is quite reasonable,” the FM said. In addition, when the impact of all pro-growth reform policies takes place, there will undoubtedly be beneficial results in the economy, Jaitley said.

Certainly, the three years of the Modi government’s mandate clearly succeeded in pushing for reform with the launch of the reform process regarding the tax on goods and services (GST), bankruptcy code, failed commercial loans and Most will rationalise subsidies. Clearly, this government has improved the UPA regime in terms of proactive reforms and changes in the role of government offices. In addition, within three years of Modi’s rule of governance, he created a good image without major corruption cases involving central ministers and the government has largely kept its promises to comply with the reform process.

Lebanese army, Hezbollah declare offensives on Islamic State at Syrian border

Lebanese army, Hezbollah declare offensives on Islamic State at Syrian border

Lebanese army, Hezbollah declare offensives on Islamic State at Syrian border

BEYUTER (Reuters) – The Lebanese army launched an offensive on Saturday in an Islamist state enclave in the north-east with Syria, while the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah has announced an attack on militants on the Syrian side of the border border.

The operation of the Lebanese army began at 5 am (0200 GMT), aimed at the positions of the Islamic state near the city of Ras Baalbek with rockets, artillery and helicopters, a security source said. The area is the last part of the Syrian-Lebanese border under insurgent control.

The operation carried out by Hezbollah and the Syrian army led the region across the border in the western region of Qalamoun Syria.

A statement from Hezbollah said the group has committed to “eliminate the terrorist threat to the borders of the country” and fought “side by side” with the Syrian army.

He did not mention the operation of the Lebanese army.

The army said it did not make coordinated assault with Hezbollah and the Syrian army.

Any joint operation between the Lebanese army on the one hand and Hezbollah and the Syrian army on the other would be politically sensitive in Lebanon and could jeopardize the significant help the United States Army receives.

Washington classifies Hezbollah backed by Iran as a terrorist group.

“There is no coordination, not with Hezbollah or the Syrian army,” General Ali Kanso told a televised news conference, adding that the army had begun to squeeze a siege in the region two weeks ago.

“This is the hardest battle ever carried out by the Lebanese army against terrorist groups – the nature of the terrain and the enemy,” he said, characterizing the 600 Islamist fighters in the area as 600 “kamikazes.”

In a recent speech, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said the Lebanese army would attack the Islamic side of the state border, while Hezbollah and the Syrian army would simultaneously act on the other side.

A military alliance commander who fought to support President Bashar al-Assad said that “naturally” there was no coordination between the operations.


Last month, Hezbollah forced the front Nusra militants and Syrian rebels to leave neighboring border strongholds in a joint operation with the Syrian army.

The Lebanese army was not involved in the July operation but is preparing to attack the pocket of the Islamic state in the same mountainous region.

The program broadcast by the Al-Manar television channel showed that Hezbollah fighters armed with cluster assault rifles climbed a steep slope in western Qalamoun.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun followed the operation of the army, called “Jroud Dawn”. “Jroud” refers to the arid mountainous border between Lebanon and Syria.

Hezbollah has provided key military support for President Bashar al-Assad during the six-year war in Syria. His Lebanese critics oppose the role of Hezbollah in the Syrian war.

Erdogan tells Turks in Germany to vote against Merkel

Erdogan tells Turks in Germany to vote against Merkel

Erdogan tells Turks in Germany to vote against Merkel

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said Friday that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats were enemies of Turkey and urged Turkish counterparts in Germany to vote against major parties in next month’s elections.

Erdogan’s comments are some harshest against Merkel and his Christian Democrats, which illustrates the widening gap between NATO allies and major trading partners.

Relations between Ankara and Berlin were strained after last year’s coup, while the Turkish authorities had dismissed or suspended 150 000 people and detained more than 50 000 people, including German nationals.

Germany expressed concern that Erdogan was using the coup as a pretext to cancel the dissent. Erdogan, an authoritarian leader whose roots are in political Islam, has accused Germany of anti-Turkish and anti-Muslim sentiment.

“I ask all my compatriots in Germany. Christian Democrats, SDP, the Green Party is All enemies of Turkey support political parties who are not enemies of Turkey,” said he was in Comments after Friday prayers in Istanbul.

“I urge you not to vote for the parties involved in such aggressive and disrespectful attitudes towards Turkey, and I invite you to teach these political parties a lesson to the polls,” he said.

Germany has a large Turkish diaspora and contains a wide range of views on Turkish politics.

The Germans go to the polls on September 24 for the election in which Merkel runs for a fourth term. Its conservatives enjoy a comfortable advantage over the Social Democrats (SPD), its current coalition partner and its main rival.

Therefore, it is unlikely that Erdogan’s comments will influence the outcome of the election.

Western governments, particularly Germany, expressed their apprehension in the Erdogan PTO. In April, the Turks have strongly supported a referendum to change the constitution and grant Erdogan executive powers.

On the eve of the popular consultation, the German authorities have prevented Turkish politicians from speaking to Turkish citizens’ meetings in Germany, infuriating Ankara.

Turkey also prevented lawmakers from Berlin from visiting their troops stationed in southern Turkey. The troops were transferred to Jordan.

Merkel also said there would be no expansion of a customs union or deepening relations between the EU and Turkey, comments that have bothered in Turkey.

Erdogan said on Friday that Merkel’s statements about the customs union show that Germany has become a country that violates the European Union’s acquis or a set of laws.

(Additional inform Tuvan Gümrükçü and Ece Toksabay, written by David Dolan, Edited by Dominic Evans and Matthew Bigg Mpoke)

Megachurch pastor resigns from Trump’s evangelical council

Megachurch pastor resigns from Trump’s evangelical council

Megachurch pastor resigns from Trump’s evangelical council

Most evangelical advisors to President Trump have maintained this week following widespread criticism of the reaction to violent clashes in Charlottesville, as well as several CEOs have left councils and members of its business advisory committee. Humanities have announced that they are leaving the panel.

In a first for his evangelical advisory council, the megachurch of New York City, Pastor A.R. Bernard announced Friday that he had left Trump’s unofficial board.

Bernard sat at the president’s table on May 3, the eve of National Day of Prayer, when Trump drew several religious leaders to announce a decree on religious freedom.

The Brooklyn-based Brooklyn Christian Cultural Center, which has 37,000 members, has been described by the New York Times as the largest evangelical church in New York City.

He said he had submitted a formal letter Tuesday, the same day, Trump made controversial remarks about the events that took place in Charlottesville.

At a press conference, in condemning white supremacy, Trump defended the “good people” in Charlottesville and asked why the alt-left had not been criticized for violence.

On Thursday, the president lamented the loss of “beautiful statues and monuments,” referring to the monuments of the Confederate leaders.

Bernard was part of Trump’s Advisory Council during the campaign, but told the Times last year that he had moved away from the role of the election because he felt more like “showcase” a true advisor.

The Times also reported that Bernard was a registered Republican, but voted twice for Bill Clinton and twice for President Obama.

Attempts to reach Bernard on Friday night failed.

Bernard is part of a group of dozens of leaders who have given advice through the White House Liaison Office.

Other leaders who were involved were primarily a mix of Pentecostal pastors and Southern Baptists, including Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas and Paula White of the New Destiny Christian Center in Florida.
Eric Metaxas, a popular evangelical writer who took a picture of himself with Bernard at the White House in May, said he plans to follow Trump’s advice.

“This president is in a difficult place, and people who love Jesus know that when someone is down, this person needs more God, not less,” he said in a statement. “The people of Jesus do not flee from anguish.”

Other leaders, including Southern Baptist pastors Jack Graham and Robert Jeffress, Tony Suarez of the National Conference of Hispanic Christian Leaders and tele-evangelist Mark Burns, doubled in favor of the president.

However, Chicago-area pastor James MacDonald reminded his followers that he quit after Access Hollywood tapes were released during the Trump campaign. MacDonald had called Trump “lugubrious and worthless” in a letter to the rest of the council.

Death toll in Sierra Leone mudslides rises to 467

Death toll in Sierra Leone mudslides rises to 467

Death toll in Sierra Leone mudslides rises to 467

Freetown, Sierra Leone (CNN) Sierra Leone faces major health problems after the devastating flashes of earth this week have claimed at least 467 lives, a public health official said on Friday, The deaths increase.

The death toll includes deaths in the mudflows outside the capital of the West African Freetown nation, and flood deaths in other provinces, CNN Deputy Health Minister Madina Rahman.

The country must also fight against cholera and malaria, Rahman said, following one of the deadliest natural disasters in Africa in recent years.

Some people have had water skin infections that they have been carrying, and officials are putting in place plans to prepare and prevent cholera, he said. “We are equipped with a point, we can not do it alone,” he added.

The crisis began Monday when heavy rains caused landslides on the bare slopes of Mount Pan de Azucar, about 5 kilometers from Freetown.

The dwellings that embraced the slopes, many of which are over wooden huts with zinc roofs, were buried after landslides sank under the force of the water.

Rescuers told CNN they were losing hope of finding whole bodies in the rubble, and hundreds of people are still missing. Some parts of the body were washed at nearby beaches.

The city’s morgue at Connaught Hospital in Freetown was overwhelmed by the influx of corpses.
On Thursday, 413 people were buried at a mass funeral in the nearby city of Waterloo, said Sidie Yahya Tunis, Minister of Culture and Tourism.

About a third of the deaths were children, Tunisia said.
The deadly floods left many survivors,
Rahman, the health official, called for international aid, saying the country can not do it alone.

“The death toll changes every day,” he said. “We came from a census recently, and we worked with the statistics office to see how many people are on this site and how many people have been lost and how many people were dead and buried.”

Elhadj As Sy, secretary-general of the International Federation of Red Cross Societies and also journalists in Geneva, Switzerland, that other countries should step up their efforts by saying that Sierra Leone faced a crisis “beyond its capacity.” ”

Many people seemed shocked by the shit in the wake of the disaster, crying as they walked or looked for missing family members. One woman told CNN she had lost most of her family, including a sister who was severely pregnant.

Another resident, Ishmael Tomboyeke, said he was also looking for his sister’s body. After seeing the mud slide, he said: “I ran there, I saw where the house was, everything was demolished”.

Mostly Cloudy
Meanwhile, authorities are preparing to evacuate other inclined areas in the middle of the worry, more landslides could take place.

“The evacuation is discussed, some have happened, but not on a large scale,” said Tunisia. “We have to plan, and we are working to examine the numbers involved.”

Between 2,000 and 3,000 people were also displaced, Abu Bakarr, a spokesman for the Red Cross in Sierra Leone, told CNN earlier this week.

Tropical Storm Cindy turns deadly in ravaging Gulf Coast

Tropical Storm Cindy turns deadly in ravaging Gulf Coast

Tropical Storm Cindy turns deadly in ravaging Gulf Coast

New Orleans • A child on a beach in Alabama was beaten and killed Wednesday by a fallen log landed by tropical storm Cindy storm that was given severe weather bands to land in Florida Panhandle to East Texas when it approached the Gulf coast.

Captain Stephen Arthur Sheriff of Baldwin County said witnesses reported that the 10-year-old Missouri boy was out of a condominium at Fort Morgan when the newspaper, led by a big wave hit.

Arthur said the youth were vacationing with their family in the St. Louis area and that parents and emergency workers tried to restart it. He was not immediately identified.

Cindy was the first known death. The storm formed on Tuesday and is expected to emerge some Wednesday or early Thursday. The storm was expected to touch land near the Louisiana-Texas line, but bad weather spread east.

National Weather Service forecasters have estimated that 2 to 10 inches (50 to 250 mm) of rain had been spilled at various locations along the southern coast of the Gulf of Louisiana to the Florida peninsula since Wednesday. And more rain was on the way.

Alek Krautmann, the Office of Meteorological Services in Slidell, La., Said more moisture was going into the Gulf on Wednesday.

“There was a lot of jumps today, but it’s a little longer this afternoon,” he said.
Coastal roads and some buildings have been flooded. There have been several reports of possible short-lived tornadoes.

In Gulfport, Mississippi, Kathleen Bertucci said heavy Wednesday rains send about 10 inches of water at her business, Top Shop, which sells and installs granite countertops.

“It’s pretty unpleasant, but it does not have flood insurance because it got me out of the flood zone,” said Bertucci, whose store is near a swamp. “We’re trying to clean everything up and hope it does not happen again.”

In the vicinity of Biloxi, a rainstorm moved ashore Wednesday morning. Harrison County Emergency Management Director Rupert Lacy said there were no injuries, but the fences, trees and power lines were damaged.

Storms also felled trees in the Florida Panhandle. Fort Walton Beach spokesman Jo Soria said fallen trees hit homes and cars in what they called “wind damage pockets” in two or three residential areas.

The White House said President Donald Trump was informed Wednesday of the assault by Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert.

Also on Wednesday, Louisiana Governor John Edwards Bel declared a state of emergency, like his counterpart in Alabama a day earlier. He was among the authorities stressing that the danger of the storm was not limited to the coast.

In Knoxville, Tennessee, the Tennessee Valley Authority, which generates electricity, said that it establishes water levels in nine lakes it controls along the Tennessee River and its Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky tributaries, anticipating a heavy rain runoff by Cindy Once the storm moves inland.

Trump's discredited pig's blood tale may have roots in Tribune story from 1927

Trump’s discredited pig’s blood tale may have roots in Tribune story from 1927

Trump’s discredited pig’s blood tale may have roots in Tribune story from 1927

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he wanted to wait for all the facts before making public statements on important issues.

But a few hours after a terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain, on Thursday, Trump’s Twitter source published non-factual information.

After the attackers ran large crowds of tourists on the historic promenade of Las Ramblas in Barcelona, killing at least 13, the president tweeted: “Study the general Pershing made the United States terrorists when they were taken. There was more radical Islamic terrorism for 35 years! ”

The Trump tweet is a reference to a discredited story about the famous army genius, John J. Pershing, fighting the Moorish rebels during the occupation of the Philippines to the United States after winning the colony of Spain in the Spanish-American War.

The story goes that Pershing, known as “Black Jack”, gathered a large group of Muslim rebels and executed them with bullets immersed in the blood of pigs, who are “haram” or “banned” by Islamic Law

Trump told a similar story during a campaigning event in 2016, saying that Pershing “caught 50 terrorists who mass-inflicted and killed many people and took the 50 terrorists and took 50 men and sank 50 bullets into the blood of the pig.

“And he lined up 50 people and shot 49 of these 50 people, and said in the 50, he would return to his people and tell him what happened – and in a 25, he n No problem.

The story was considered false by online data verifiers Snopes and PolitiFact, and it seems that the spread of apocryphal history may be partly the result of a long correspondent Tribune.

Grandstand since 1921.
An article published in the Sunday edition of the Tribune month of August 21, 1927, reported by General John “Black Jack” Pershing was known to have sprinkled Muslim insurgents in the Philippines with pig blood and released them. Read the full story here, with the section on the alleged use of pig blood in “ENTER: BLACK JACK”.

An article published in the August 21, 1927 issue of Sunday’s Chicago Tribune under Herman’s captain Archer of the driving line connects the story “known” general Pershing, captive watering with pig blood and releasing them.

“Then [Pershing] announced that any Sworn Later would be sprinkled with pig blood,” Archer wrote. “And those pig-pork drops were more powerful than bullets.”

The correspondent does not appear to have personally witnessed this incident, but rather seems to convey a history of war shared with others.

No mass attempt was reported by the Tribune, and the copy is full of characterizations of Muslim Filipinos as “savage Sultans” and “bad brown men” made by people with modern racial sensibilities.

Snopes points to an account, a 1938 book, which reported that the bodies of “Muslim” soldiers were buried with pork canals by an army colonel. A 2013 book cites a letter from a United States commander who says that Pershing’s funeral with pigs was “a good plan” to discourage “crazy fanatics.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger tells Trump what he should have said after Charlottesville

Arnold Schwarzenegger tells Trump what he should have said after Charlottesville

Arnold Schwarzenegger tells Trump what he should have said after Charlottesville

Arnold Schwarzenegger are among those who have been deeply disappointed by the statement by President of Trump that “both sides” were responsible for the violence at a rally of white supremacy in Charlottesville.

And in a new video, the former Republican governor of California offers a tip tip for what Trump should have said.

“The only way to beat the sharp voice and anger of hatred is to meet with a stronger and more reasonable voice.And that includes, President of Trump”

Schwarzenegger said in the video, posted on the ATN Facebook page Thursday. “In fact, as president of this great country, it has the moral responsibility to send a clear message that we do not defend hate and racism.”
Schwarzenegger then provides an example of what the message might be: “As President of the United States and as a Republican, rejected the support of white supremacy,” he said.

“The country that defeated Hitler’s armies had no place for Nazi flags. The party of Lincoln will not support those who carry the battle flags of the Confederacy failed”.
Trump issued numerous critics for his response to the deadly chaos in Charlottesville, where a car driven by a white nationalist declared himself plunged into a crowd, killing the 32-year-old Heather contrepreuveur Heyer and wounding 19 others.

Using dozens of clips from the Trump President’s intervention, the Editorial Board of the ad reorganizes the disastrous direction of August 12. (Gillian Brockell / The Washington Post)
“What about the alt-left has been responsible for – as you say, alt-right”

Trump said during a press conference at Trump Tower in New York on Tuesday. “Do they have a guilty appearance? And the fact that they had to carry the clubs in their hands, swinging clubs? Are they a problem?

[ ‘They tried to kill my son to close, “Heather’s mother Heyer cry at funerals of women murdered in a Nazi rally in Charlottesville]
Of course, Trump is certainly not likely to take the advice of the “Terminator” star – the two were involved in a public dispute for months, since Schwarzenegger assumed the role of Trump as host of NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Trump blamed Schwarzenegger for the issuance of descent ratings, until asking for prayers on behalf of Schwarzenegger at the National Prayer Breakfast. “I only pray for Arnold, if we can, for these assessments,” Trump said at the time.

Schwarzenegger returned fire when he abruptly left “Celebrity Apprentice” in March, saying that the odds program actually declined because of his association with Trump.

And even in his latest video – the clear intention to offer a serious message to Trump, and a biting sentence from the Nazis – Schwarzenegger could not resist taking another shot at the commander in chief.

After delivering his speech suggests on the camera, he looks Schwarzenegger and a bit of Bobblehead Donald Trump suddenly appears in sight.

Venezuela’s pro-government assembly moves to take power from elected congress

Venezuela’s pro-government assembly moves to take power from elected congress

Venezuela’s pro-government assembly moves to take power from elected congress

CARACAS, Venezuela – The new pro-government Constituent Assembly of Venezuela has formally moved on Friday to assume the powers of the opposition-dominated Congress, completing what critics call a takeover that puts all branches of government under control Of President Nicolás Maduro.

The Constituent Assembly, created in a July 30 vote called fraud by opposition nations and many, began to assume the role of the National Assembly, whose members were democratically elected in 2015.

But in a move that could trigger a new international condemnation, the motion formalized Friday’s agreement. The body is also ready to pass a new law that critics say could be used to punish opposition leaders and anti-government protesters with up to 25 years in prison.

The body invited the National Assembly to attend the Friday session – an invitation that was denied. Before the vote to take their powers, the President of the Constituent Assembly, Delcy Rodriguez – a senior Maduro ally – emphasized in the cinemas the empty seats reserved for them.

“When they called a national dialogue, cameras, please, right? Empty seat, is not the definition of the Venezuelan right,” he said.

The congressional opposition denounced the vote as an attempt to finally “close” Congress and said through its official Twitter account that it does not recognize the “fraudulent” move. He called on Venezuelans to join legislators in a session at the legislative palace on Saturday morning Constituent Assembly.
“The Constituent Assembly is zero, and its acts are illegal and unconstitutional. The National Assembly, the international community and the people will not respect the decision to cancel,” the opposition said.

Luis Almagro, secretary general of the Organization of American States, tweeted: “fraudulent dissolution of the National Assembly by the Constituent Assembly deepened the coup in Venezuela.”

But Diosdado Cabello, a member of the vanguard of Maduro’s inner circle, said that the decision had ceased to dissipate the Congress and the meeting simply assumed the powers of Congress.

“For those who are delirious, the Constituent Assembly has not eliminated the National Assembly,” Cabello said. “They are only the functions of those who have been placed outside the constitution.”

However, the Venezuelan Congress seemed to be left in an even more precarious legal limbo. The government’s supreme court stole the congress from its authority in March.

However, even after the new Constituent Assembly began to meet in this month’s legislative palace, opposition lawmakers have continued to meet in a separate room. It was unclear whether opposition leaders could continue with this arrangement.

Maduro – the anointed successor to Hugo Chávez, who died in 2013 – said in the Constituent Assembly that the cornerstone of his socialist dream of Chavez.

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